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On the Land

The Spalding district consists of cropping and grazing land in fertile valleys, interspersed by a number of permanent rivers and creeks.

The valleys predominantly run north and south, and are bordered on the western extremities by Campbell and Yackamoorundie Ranges and on the east by the Brown Hill and Camel's Hump Ranges.

The area seems to be in a reasonably assured zone with an average rainfall pattern ranging from 550 miles along parts of the ranges to 400-430 miles elsewhere.

Farming is changing. It has become more intense, with close rotations, minimum tillage and greater use of chemicals, all in the pursuit of profitability, land care and sustainability. Cropping in the district sees many varieties of cereal, small seeds and legumes grown. There is hay produced for local and export market.

Sheep and cattle are kept. Sheep for wool and meat production and cattle both for stud and commercial production. Apiarists continue to farm honey in the district.

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Baderloo Poll Merino

Boulview Charolais

Broughton Park Shorthorn

Bundaleer Shorthorn

Dunleer Red  Poll

North Ashrose Merino

Oakley Murray Grey

Tatara Angus

Warumbul Quarter Horse

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